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Maternity Care in Philadelphia

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia’s OBGYN team delivers more than 2,800 babies each year – That’s the equivalent of one baby born about every three hours.

Our Philadelphia facility is designed with the parent’s comfort and privacy in mind. From spacious delivery rooms to comfortable, welcoming parent and baby rooms, you’ll enjoy Einstein’s many amenities during your delivery and recovery time. Take a virtual tour of our facility.


Why Have Your Baby at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia?

Einstein is committed to the health of you and your baby. Here are a few reasons why thousands of families choose to have their babies at Einstein:

  • Our experienced doctors and specialists provide high-quality care for your birth experience.
  • Einstein’s infant mortality rates are the lowest in Pennsylvania.
  • Delivery rooms and postpartum suites provide the right environment to bond with your new baby.
  • Text4baby pregnancy tracking provides a year of free text messages to support you and your baby.
  • Einstein’s antenatal testing unit is a prental exam that provides screening to identify those at a high risk of a disorder.
  • Volunteer Cuddlers spend time holding medically fragile babies.
  • Abnormal placenta accreta center provides intervention for people whose placenta develops and attaches to the uterine wall.
  • Journey Beads provide a record of your premature baby’s milestones. After each treatment, your baby is given one of 20 beads that mark the first admission, first diaper change or first car ride.
  • CenteringPregnancy is a free class for parents-to-be that promotes wellness and community.
  • CenteringParenting is a free class for new parents that promotes wellness and community after your baby is born.
  • Access to virtual prenatal and postnatal educational sessions with our care team.
  • In partnership with Cayaba Care, Einstein provides home-based care, adding an additional layer of support throughout pregnancy and post-delivery. In addition to the care patients receive from their obstetrician, Cayaba provides one-on-one support with routine pregnancy care, mental and emotional health, and helping connect patients with resources and services in the community. Learn more about Einstein and Cayaba Care's partnership here.
  • Einstein is a breastfeeding & pumping friendly hospital. The Mamava® Lactation Pods at our hospitals promote breastfeeding by offering privacy and comfort for moms to pump or feed their baby.

Download your own custom free pregnancy workbook for Einstein patients here!

See how Journey Beads symbolize milestones for NICU babies at Einstein.


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Accreditation & Partnerships

Designated by the City of Philadelphia and Maternity Care Coalition.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia is a Designated Baby-Friendly hospital. (2018-2023)

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