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Perinatal and Postpartum Depression

Whether depression occurs immediately before and after childbirth (“perinatal”) or lasts for a longer time after (“postpartum”), Einstein staff is able to help patients through difficult changes. In some cases, depression happens because of genetics. In other cases, anxiety, fear, stress, violence or finances may trigger symptoms.

At Einstein Healthcare Network, all mothers-to-be are screened for depression during pregnancy. We employ a team of licensed social workers and clinical therapists to help determine the best methods to help you feel better, such as medication or talk therapy.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any symptoms during or after pregnancy, Einstein is here to help. Speak to your medical team as soon as possible.

Education & Support

Sarah Noble, DO, psychiatrist at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, talks about the causes, symptoms and treatment for perinatal and postpartum depression. If you have any concerns about these issues, be sure to talk to your medical provider.

To meet and share experiences with other mothers going through postpartum issues, learn more about our CenteringParenting® program.


What are Perinatal and Postpartum Depression?

What are Some Symptoms of Perinatal and Postpartum Depression?

Who’s at Risk for Perinatal and Postpartum Depression?

How Do You Treat Perinatal or Postpartum Depression?

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Einstein offers compassionate care at all stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. If you or your loved one is experiencing signs of depression before or after pregnancy, we can help. Schedule an appointment with a specialist today.

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