Lee's Story - Back Pain

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Life Defined by Pain and a Cane

My life before I was treated at Einstein Pain Institute was pain and a cane. I had reached the end of my rope.

I have a very bad back, it's arthritic and somatic and I was experiencing increased pain, which is why I came to the Einstein Pain Institute. I was treated for a condition called an SI joint pain plus bursitis.

I had been to other pain clinics and hadn't gotten very much success. But because of the nature of my pain and how it inhibited my life, I said "I'm going to give this one more shot."

I was in to see Dr. Ahsan within two days of my initial phone call, and that did not happen at any other clinic that I went to.

Expert Care in a Highly Personalized Environment

From the minute I hit the door, people were polite. They were interested in me, there was respect for the fact that there IS pain, often times people dismiss it. The staff's ability to treat me as a whole patient, not just address my pain, was so important. I can't stress that enough, this is the thing that separates the Einstein Pain Institute from other places.

The recommended treatment was SI joint shots (injections). Dr. Ahsan was wonderful, he explained the procedure step-by-step. Doctors sometimes use tricky language and take for granted that because they know what they're doing, it's okay. I didn't have that experience at all. I felt like I was really part of the decision-making team about my body. It is my body and I had that right, and they honored that here.

I had my first injection and it relieved the pain somewhat, not totally. I was told that perhaps one shot wouldn't do it in my original evaluation. But that one shot did enough that I could use my cane less frequently and that I could sleep better and start to feel at least that there was some light at the end of the pain tunnel. I received the second recommended SI joint injection and again felt relief but not total relief.

Access to Multiple Therapies Offer Hope Through Alternatives

My pain problem turned out to be multifaceted, not just the SI joint and bursitis. Dr. Ahsan and I sat and discussed my options, I felt like I had total access to all therapies available, especially when Dr. Ahsan suggested a caudal injection. Again he explained the whole procedure and the expected results.

The caudal injection procedure was scheduled. I had a trip planned before the procedure. I went away and while on my trip discovered that I was pain free, Monday, no pain, Tuesday no pain. I went pain free throughout the week. I sent Dr. Ahsan an email and said, "Genius, I am out of pain, we don't need the caudal injection." He sent me an email back immediately, which is another amazing thing for a physician, "Great, Leigh, get in here" because he wanted to see me for follow-up. I was skipping around in his office. He said, "Let's go dancing." On a pain scale of zero to ten, I have a big fat zero.

Getting Your Life Back, Lee's Message to Others

My life has resumed to normal. I am walking cane free, I am sleeping and I am dancing again, that's terrific! I like being able to tell other people, "There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can live without pain in the hands of a caring physician and his staff, and I think that's what's really most important."

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