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Our Letter of Solidarity to Parents & Patients

To the Families and Community We Serve:

On behalf of all those who have had the privilege of caring for your children and being allowed to watch them grow and thrive, we would like to take the opportunity to say we stand with you in the fight against racial injustice and oppression.

As those who have taken an oath to do no harm, we stand with equality for all. As Pediatricians and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, we believe that all children should have equal access to quality healthcare and education regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity. We shall continue to support and advocate for you and your children in every capacity. We have witnessed the resilience of the North Philadelphia community. We believe that we all can work together to help strengthen and uplift this community.

From the physicians, nurse practitioners and staff here at Einstein Pediatrics, we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you to work toward a better future. Together, we can change what has always needed to be changed so all of us and our children can stand with justice, peace, equality and opportunity.


The Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Staff of Einstein Pediatric and Adolescent Ambulatory CareCenter

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