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Christopher Plastaras

Christopher T Plastaras, MD

  • Job Title
  • Clinical Director of Musculoskeletal Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Medicine at MossRehab / Co-Director of the Einstein Spine Institute
  • Specialties
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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  • Affiliations
  • University of Pennsylvania Health System
    Moss Rehab Physical Medicine Associates

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  • Taking Referrals For
  • lateral epicondylitis
    medial epicondylitis
    work related musculoskeletal disorders
    bursitis of the shoulder
    foot injury
    finger sprain
    trigger finger
    shoulder tendonitis
    ankle instability
    insertional tendonitis
    pudendal neuralgia
    pinched nerve
    autonomic neuropathy
    trigeminal neuropathy
    neuropathic arthritis
    meralgia paresthetica
    back muscle pain
    acute back pain
    postherpetic neuralgia
    degenerative spine pain
    nerve compression syndrome
    facet joint syndrome
    causalgia of upper limb
    causalgia of lower limb
    cancer pain
    reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    phantom limb
    ankle tendon injury
    sports related concussion
    hip abductor tear
    wrist pain
    twisted ankle
    tricep injury
    throwing injury
    tendinitis of the wrist
    tendinitis of the hand
    shin splints
    achilles tendon tear
    running injury
    piriformis syndrome
    peroneal tendonitis
    peroneal tendon tear
    pectoral muscle injury
    chronic exertional compartment syndrome
    calf muscle injury
    sports related ankle injury
    ankle pain
    achilles tendonitis
    soft tissue injury
    ligament tear
    plantar fasciitis
    rotator cuff disorders
    quadricep injury
    calf pain
    bicep pain
    osgood schlatter disease
    muscle strain
    muscle cramps
    core muscle injury
    nerve compression of the thoracic spine
    nerve compression of the lumbar spine
    nerve compression of the cervical spine
    lumbar disc disease
    thoracic herniated disc
    post laminectomy syndrome
    neurogenic claudication
    spinal stenosis
    lumbosacral radiculopathy
    degenerative spine conditions
    congenital malformation of the spine
    compression fracture
    spondylosis with myelopathy
    cervical herniated disc
    cervical spine fracture
    herniated disc
    spinal cord compression
    ruptured intervertebral disc
    cervical disc displacement
    cervical disc disease
    cervical disc degeneration
    cervical deformity
    cervical compression fracture
    cervical bone spur
    neck arthritis
    bulging disc
    lumbar spinal stenosis
    lumbar spine injury
    spine injury
    spine osteoarthritis
    thoracic spinal stenosis
    thoracic spine injury
    foot drop
    spinal cord injury
    cervical spine injury
    muscle spasticity
    spasticity of spine/back
    chronic muscle injury
    ankle dislocation
    acromioclavicular fracture
    cartilage injury
    sports related foot injury
    shoulder strain
    synovial chondromatosis
    ankle tendon tear
    foot tendon tear
    overuse injury
    arm pain
    arm injury
    leg pain
    ligament injury
    leg injury
    biceps tendonitis
    bicep tear
    bicep injury
    athletic pubalgia
    persistent pain after orthopedic surgery
    joint dislocation
    gastrocnemius injury
    foot pain
    hamstring injury
    knee pain for patients aged younger than 60
    joint sprain
    muscle injury
    neck muscle injury
    muscle tears
    elbow pain
    degenerative joint disease of the knee
    degenerative joint disease of the hip
    knee pain for patients aged 60 and older
    knee pain
    knee click
    hip injury
    gluteus medius tear
    gluteal injury
    osteochondritis of the knee
    hip osteoarthritis
    multiple ligament knee injury
    deconditioned knee
    cartilage damage of hip
    arthritis of knee
    anterior cruciate ligament injury
    meniscus injury
    medial collateral ligament injury of the knee
    lateral collateral ligament tear
    patellar instability
    patellofemoral syndrome
    knee instability
    patellofemoral injury
    jumper's knee
    tibial tendonitis
    snapping hip syndrome
    iliotibial band friction syndrome
    hip rotator cuff tear
    hip pain under age 60
    hip pain over age 60
    hip pain
    locking knee
    lesions of posterior tibial nerve
    lesions of popliteal nerve
    patella dislocation
    bursitis of the hip
    meniscus tear
    hip labral tear
    hip impingement
    hip arthritis
    knee injury
    pubic symphysis separation
    posterior cruciate ligament (pcl) tear
    popliteal cyst
    adhesive capsulitis of the hip
    knee tendonitis
    lower back pain
    lower back injury
    thrower elbow
    elbow strain
    elbow contracture
    shoulder pain
    elbow injury
    clicking shoulder
    clicking elbow
    elbow sprain
    degenerative joint disease of the shoulder
    degenerative joint disease of the elbow
    bicep tendon tear
    axillary neuropathy
    elbow arthritis
    adhesive capsulitis
    shoulder injury
    shoulder impingement
    shoulder arthritis
    suprascapular neuropathy
    rotator cuff impingement
    long thoracic neuropathy
    locking shoulder
    locking elbow
    ulnar nerve injury
    tendinitis of the elbow
    pectoralis major tendon injury
    bursitis of the elbow
    musculocutaneous neuropathy
    calcific tendonitis
    bursitis of the arm
    brachial plexus injury
    adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder
    musculoskeletal pain
    neck sprain
    addiction disorders
    substance dependence
    ankle arthritis
    ankle injury
    compartment syndrome
    congenital deformity of ankle
    charcot foot
    foot and ankle compartment syndrome
    overuse injury of the ankle
    subdural hematoma
    cerebral contusion
    cerebral palsy
    spina bifida
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    repetitive stress injury
    back pain
    sports related injury
    back muscle injury
    carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)
    cervical radiculopathy
    rheumatoid arthritis
    rotator cuff injury
    cervical spinal stenosis
    traumatic brain injury
    opiate addiction
    opioid withdrawal
    anoxic encephalopathy
    head trauma
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  • Education
  • Medical School
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    Northwestern Memorial Hospital
    Transitional Internship
    Einstein Medical Center
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  • Board Certifications
  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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  • Profile
  • Dr. Christopher Plastaras specializes in non-surgical treatments of low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, lumbar spinal stenosis, and other musculoskeletal injuries.
    Certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, sub-specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Plastaras is an accomplished compassionate academic physiatrist. He is uncompromising in his dedication to the well-being of his patients and looks forward to providing them with the proper tools and advice they need to improve and maintain their health.
    He graduated from Emory University, where he received his bachelor's degree. He also completed a residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Northwestern University and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He is also an active member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Association of Academic Physiatrists, Spine Intervention Society, and the North American Spine Society.
    Dr .Plastaras sees patients at MossRehab Center City in Philadelphia and MossRehab Main Campus in Elkins Park, Pa.

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  • Locations
B 12 South 23rd Street
Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-663-6856
Fax: 215-663-6315
Accepting Patients: Yes
C 60 Township Line Road
Elkins Park 19027
Phone: 215-663-6736
Fax: 215-663-6265
Accepting Patients: Yes
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