Keloid Scar Care

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Einstein's board-certified plastic surgeons are experienced in an array of non-surgical treatments of keloid scars associated with wounds, acne and piercings.

Steroid injections- Steroids injected into the keloid can stop the scar's growth and make it softer and flatter.

Laser treatment - By using special computer-generated laser wavelengths of light, your plastic surgeon can precisely target the keloid tissue, and greatly diminish its appearance.

What Can I Expect During and After the Procedure?

Keloid scar treatments may include several different types of procedures over a period of time. Your physician will provide you with detailed information about what to expect during and after each procedure appointment, but in general:

  • Depending upon the type of treatment, you may be given a local anesthetic before your procedure.
  • If you have steroid injections, you may feel some discomfort at the injection sites during the procedure, and mild numbness and tingling around the injection sites after the treatment. These are only temporary.
  • If you have laser treatment for keloid scars, you may feel a slight stinging sensation during treatment. Following the treatment you may experience some redness, which usually goes away in two to four hours, or some swelling over a period of a few days.
  • Your physician will explain what you can expect directly after your treatment and how long it will take before you begin to notice a change.

Do not use exfoliating agents on treated skin, and always wear sunscreen on treated areas.

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