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Dialysis Access

If your kidneys are not functioning properly and you require dialysis, you will likely require vascular surgery. The most common type of dialysis access is called an arteriovenous (AV) fistula. In this procedure, the surgeon will take a vein, usually in your forearm, and connect it directly to its parallel artery. This increases the blood flow through the vein, causing it to enlarge. An AV fistula is a reliable access point for filtering your blood during dialysis.

If you are not a good candidate for an AV fistula, your vascular surgeon may recommend AV grafting. This procedure also involves connecting a vein and artery but uses a synthetic tube instead of a piece of your vein to make this connection.


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If you experience pain or swelling in your legs or feet or have unsightly veins, wounds that won’t heal, chest pain or other symptoms of heart and vascular disease, schedule an appointment with a vascular specialist to discuss your options today.

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At Einstein, our vascular surgery team is actively invested in resident education.

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